Tuesday, September 9, 2008


In an imaginative use of the internet, producers of The Jammed have made a high quality digital version of the acclaimed feature film available free online to AFI members to ensure maximum exposure � and hoped-for votes.

To prevent piracy, each copy is watermarked and logged with the AFI membership number of the person who downloads it. At the 2007 IF Awards, The Jammed won Best Film, Best Screenplay and Best Music awards.
When insurance clerk Ashley Hudson (Veronica Sywak) does a favour for friend picking up a traveller at the airport, she also gives a lift to Sunee (Amanda Ma), who has come from China to look for her missing daughter, Rubi (Sun Park). Ashley is reluctantly drawn into the search for Rubi, who has become a victim of a sex trafficking scheme run by a Melbourne gang, and she is working as a prostitute, along with fellow victims Vanya (Saskia Burmesiter) and Crystal (Emma Lung). As Ashley tries to help Sunee and Rubi, she gets entangled in the exploitative world of trafficking and the heartless bureaucracy that tramples on the victims on the way to deporting them. (Inspired by actual events and court transcripts.)

Urban Cinefile: http://www.urbancinefile.com.au/home/view.asp?a=14788&s=News_files


simon said...

Not sure to be flattered or annoyed at Urban Cinefile's clear culling of my own bylined story.

The second par is word for word with stuff I wrote.

For those who think this stuff is trivial, this is the very ground on which journos tread every day - is it right; have I attributed my source? etc. And it applies much more now that the internet has democratised journalism.

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