Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Jacqui Taffel, reviewer March 3, 2008

One of last year's most accomplished Australian productions

When it first came out, The Jammed seemed destined for DVD release, with only a brief screening in one Melbourne cinema, as the filmmakers couldn't find a distributor willing to give it a proper showing. Fortunately some well-timed, glowing reviews made audiences and industry types sit up and take notice and it ended up screening in cinemas around the country. Hence the DVD release, first scheduled for August last year, has been delayed until now.
A newspaper story inspired writer-director Dee McLachlan to tackle the subject of sex slavery in Australia and her script is based on real transcripts and court cases. Despite a small budget ($600,000) and being shot on high-definition video, The Jammed is artfully filmed, with subtle use of lighting, colour, slow motion and dynamic editing to heighten tension without being intrusive.

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