Tuesday, November 20, 2007


BATTLER WINS, CINDERELLA LIVES, HYPE OVERSTATES …The old William Goldman adage that ‘in showbusiness nobody knows anything’ got another notch on its belt last weekend when the voters in the IF Awards made their choice of The Jammed as the best Australian feature released these past 12 months; that’s the film all distributors turned down, so it was also a confirmation of the Cinderella legend … what more could a film industry want, asks Andrew L. Urban. But is the hype on the right note?
Precisely because The Jammed triumphed in the face of oblivion, it is slightly disappointing that the once edgy IF Awards has adopted the breathless announcement style of every other glam award around the world (“The 2007 Inside Film Awards tonight secured its reputation as one of the most anticipated and glamorous nights of the year as stars from the entertainment world came to the Gold Coast to show their support of the people’s choice awards ...

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Syms Covington said...

I think you'll find that statement was written by a PR company, who in the film industry are particularily breathless and overstated. Get hold of an Omnilab release to see what i mean, whcih will run something like "Omnilab, the greatest VFX etc company in the multiverse..." before getting on with its sugary coated news.